Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Andrew climbs stairs and more creatures in my yard!

Andrew made his first trip up the stairs unassisted. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy he is a free traveling soul but, couldn't find safer places to go??? Just kidding. I know it will just get worse when the walking starts.

Barry found this little guy in one of our sprinkler things. He's pretty cute. But I really didn't want a pet frog. Barry said there was a much larger one too. But, he hopped across the street to the pond before he got caught!!! Oh the joys of living right next to Utah Lake!!!


Lindsey said...

Oh Stacey....Andrew is SO ADORABLE! I need to see him!

Shoot with all that wildlife around your house you might as well live in Florida!! We see snails, frogs, lizards, snakes on a daily basis.

Kasie said...

Maybe you should start a farm, or a petting zoo! That would be sooooo awesome! I think that little critters are just attracted to you! (No offense, Barry!) :)