Tuesday, April 12, 2011

St. George Round 1

This past weekend we packed up and headed for the warm sunny weather of the south. However, it wasn't at all warm and it snowed from home to Cedar City and then rained all day Saturday. Then Sunday was finally a decent day. Definitely not swimming weather but, nice.

Saturday, the kids hung out with Barry and cousin Tayler at home while I judged a dance competition. So much fun to see all the amazing studios that are out there!

Sunday we of course headed to the outlets where I bought Andrew his Easter outfit. We spent the weekend just relaxing and enjoying a much needed break from out everyday lives. Sometimes its nice to step out of reality.

Here are some picture of our adventure!!

Shopping at the outlets!

A girl after my own heart. She insisted on carrying her bag everywhere!

At the playground in Grandpa's condo!

One of her best pictures. This was after she took a head dive down the stairs!
Poor kid.

We will be heading back down to St. George at the end of the month for our annual softball trip. So, stay tuned for round 2 of our adventure.