Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pictures to Be Added Later

So I can't add any pictures because I am too lazy to plug my camera into the computer. Lame excuse I know but what are you going to do.

My sister Wendy had her baby a week ago. Exactly 6 weeks after I had Brooklyn. They named him Bridger. My other sister Cathy cracked the joke we have a "Brooklyn Bridger!" ha ha!! Go ahead and laugh I think it's funny. He's super cute and too see pictures of him, just visit her ( Wendy's) blog or wait for me to get a few up.

Drill practice has also started up for us again. Let me tell you after three weeks of averaging 3-4 hours of sleep, I am starting to crash!! I hope I live.

More good news. We decided that we are taking our kids out of the Day Care center Andrew has been going to for the past two years. The cost was a killer. My beautiful niece Sierra happened to be in need of a job. So we are going to have her come to the house each day. It will be fabulous and Andrew LOVES her so much. He's calls her his Seba. It's super cute.

I will work on the picture thing at a later time. No promises school starts in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!