Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween you ask?? Yes I may be jumping the gun a bit but, I am so excited for Halloween!! I love all the fun cute spooky stuff and am excited to put out all of my decorations this next week. Last night we also started our Halloween costume shopping! I snagged up a Rapunzel Dress for Brooklyn and a Captain America Shield for Andrew. Still looking for the costume in his size that won't be over $20 bucks. (So Target, please get them back in stock)
I will post pictures once the final product is ready.

I am also loving the change in the weather. The leaves are beginning to look red/orange. Can't wait for our drive through the Alpine Loop. This weather has been perfect the past few weeks. If it could stay this way forever, I would LOVE it!!!

Finally, I am so excited for conference this weekend. I need a good pick me up and am excited to listen to the words of our Prophet and his counselors! Life is looking up!!!

Happy Fall Everyone!