Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's only been 7 months, no big deal!

Well I have officially slacked off at blogging! It's been since Mckinley was born that I have posted anything. I guess with the ease of Facebook and Instagram, I have used them more often. So what has been happening? Well Life has been happening. The school year is nearing an end. We have 8 more weeks left until summer. But who's counting? I am!!

Some small updates- 

Drill Team- Best season ever!! We were in the top 5 at state this year in dance (5th) and kick (4th) it was amazing! I was and am so proud of those girls they deserved every bit of it!!

McKinley- She is growing like a weed! You would never know that she was my little baby in the ICU all those months ago. She has the chubbiest cheeks which is rare around here. Brook and Andrew were so slender. Brooklyn still is! McKinley is sitting on her own, though she falls over every now and again, she's rolling, and smiling like crazy. She truly is the best baby. Only crying when she's hungry or sleepy. Barry might tell you other wise. She is a momma's girl through and through.

Brooklyn- Is going to pre-school in her day care and is learning her abc's and 123's. She is very smart and definitely has a little attitude of her own. She is her own person and has quite the personality. We love her more and more everyday!

Andrew- Kindergarten has been amazing. He is learning so much and becoming so smart. He has been getting all 3's and 4's on his report cards.  Reading is something he enjoys along with writing and coloring. He's already talking about 1st grade next year!

Barry- Working as hard as ever! He's always busy whether it be at KSL, or for the Jazz.  He surprised me this year with a 10 year anniversary gift to Hawaii. We had the time of our lives! It was so fun getting away. We went snorkeling with dolphins & sea turtles. Went to this place called the Kahula Ranch. Enjoyed the beach, the sun and surf,  the Pearl Harbor Monument, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. It was an amazing time. Hopefully we can go back again someday.

Me- I have been busy with school as usual. Right now I am getting ready for drill team and dance company tryouts. I can't believe it's that time of year already. I just got back from an amazing trip with my drill team to New York. We took some great classes at Alvin Ailey, Broadway Center, and from Newsies cast member Aaron Albano.  Did lots of shopping, little buying. But I did find me a few purses.

We are doing great as a family. Everyday is a new adventure!!