Monday, October 17, 2011

Each Life That Touches Our's For Good

My beautiful friend Natalie passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday morning. She leaves behind an amazing husband and three beautiful sons.

Her passing and the passing of my cousin a week earlier, really makes me grateful for the plan of salvation. I am so grateful I know that I will get to be with my family and friends for eternity. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will see her and many other friends and family that have gone before me someday.

Natalie was a fantastic room mate. I lived with her for three years at Utah State. We lived in the beloved fish bowl apartments on Darwin Avenue and then in a nice apartment just down the hill from the university. Natalie was so amazing and sweet. She was sort of the mom of the apartment. She always gave us great advice and you always knew that she would be a great mom and wife someday. She possessed the talents of always making you feel special and celebrating every holiday BIG! I remember the care packages her mom would send her during each and every holiday. The books she would read. And, the many hours she spent preparing her home work in her elementary ed major.

Natalie will always be an influential person in my life. Seeing her die at such an early age really makes me want to live each day to its fullest, appreciate those that you have near you. And, never let a day go without telling your kids and spouse that you love them.

Nat- you will be missed!! Love You!