Friday, January 16, 2009

Surgery a SUCESS!!!

Barry had his shoulder operated on this past Wednesday. It was a same day thing and the doctors and nurses at Orem Community Hospital were awesome. He had a slap lesion repaired (look it up on web md because I really don't know what it is.). His rotator cuff was 90% torn so they fixed it and, the tendon that attaches part of the bicep muscle was also torn so they fixed that too.
I have been playing nurse to him for the past two day and besides the hallucinations the neausea meds gave him he seems to be doing pretty good. He's very sore and has a hard time getting comfy but hopefully all will be healed in time for our Softball season. It starts the first weekend in May down in sunny St. George. At least we hope it will be sunny but you never know.