Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Baby is getting BIG!

I took Brooklyn to her 2 month visit. She now weighs 9lbs 7oz. She's getting huge!!! Where has the time gone????

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brooklyn's Blessing, Padan goes to Snow, Three Babies

This past weekend we blessed Brooklyn. It was a fantastic day!!! She looked absolutely beautiful. Wanda (my sis in law) made her the prettiest dress I have ever seen. When she gave it to me, I told her is was prettier than the wedding dress she made me.
Barry gave a wonderful blessing. We were so proud of him for doing such a great job. Then after wards we went to my parents house for lunch. Of course we took tons of pictures. Here are a few...

After dinner, my oldest Nephew Padan jumped in his car and took off to Snow College. He was so excited to get there. He is going to major in something to do with film making. So when he's nice and rich and living in Hollywood, he better remember me.
And finally, we had a fun photo opportunity with the three new babies in the family. Ruby who is 6 months, Brooklyn 8weeks, and Bridger 2 weeks. Oh so fun and dang cute!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pictures to Be Added Later

So I can't add any pictures because I am too lazy to plug my camera into the computer. Lame excuse I know but what are you going to do.

My sister Wendy had her baby a week ago. Exactly 6 weeks after I had Brooklyn. They named him Bridger. My other sister Cathy cracked the joke we have a "Brooklyn Bridger!" ha ha!! Go ahead and laugh I think it's funny. He's super cute and too see pictures of him, just visit her ( Wendy's) blog or wait for me to get a few up.

Drill practice has also started up for us again. Let me tell you after three weeks of averaging 3-4 hours of sleep, I am starting to crash!! I hope I live.

More good news. We decided that we are taking our kids out of the Day Care center Andrew has been going to for the past two years. The cost was a killer. My beautiful niece Sierra happened to be in need of a job. So we are going to have her come to the house each day. It will be fabulous and Andrew LOVES her so much. He's calls her his Seba. It's super cute.

I will work on the picture thing at a later time. No promises school starts in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!