Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Update

I have this strange antigen that has been present in my system since Andrew was born.  It's called the Anti E Antigen.  Anyhow, last week at my Dr. Appointment, they did a blood draw to check my levels.  They have always come back to low to read until last Friday. The reading was a high enough number with high enough concern to send me to the Maternal Fetal Specialist at Utah Valley Regional in Provo.  They did an ultra sound and they said things seemed to look fine but, because I am 36 weeks along and their chart stops at 35, the baby may be at risk for developing either anemia, jaundice, or both.  What happens with the antigen is that it attacks the babies red blood cells causing the anemia.  Which means at birth, if anemic, will have to undergo a blood transfusion.  Hopefully this doesn't happen and everything goes as planned.  But because of the risk, I have to have a stress test tomorrow and another next week and then they want to induce me at 38 weeks which is just following Labor Day. So our little girl will be here sooner rather than later and I will once again be able to touch my toes!

On a side note, I taught my dance classes for the first time in months.  Lets just say I am pretty useless and am grateful for my wonderful teaching assistants who can demonstrate all I cannot.  I am also extremely lucky to be getting a fabulous sub while I am gone and am super excited about her coming to to fill in for me!

For some sad news but really exciting news, Andrew starts kindergarten next week! I can't believe my baby is that old!!  He is lucky enough to attend full day kindergarten under a new pilot program at the school.  For the first half of the day, he will be in a small class with 16 kids and get a lot of one on one attention. Then stay for lunch. And finally, go to his regular class in the afternoon.  I am excited about this new adventure for him.
Back to school night will be on Monday and we are super excited to meet his teachers!!

Last but not least, as we prepare for this new special spirit to enter our home, the time has been a little chaotic between school starting, choreographing all summer long, and trying to get Brooklyn's room up and ready to go.  Her room is finally painted. Now I just need to get the bed in and the decorations up! I am super excited for her to make this transition.

Well until next time!!