Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

This years Christmas was a bit different than most and not as good as it should have been. On Christmas Eve we got a phone call the my Dad had been admitted to the hospital with chest pain. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with him and had to keep him over night so they could observe him and run more tests the next day which was of course Christmas. We were so hopeful that they would send him home on Christmas but no such luck. They had to keep him again for more observations and more testing. So we had a Christmas without my Dad. It was weird not having him there to give his annual Christmas speech and to carve the turkey. But all is well with him now. They never did figure out exactly what was wrong with him and where the chest pain was coming from. But he was given the all clear and went back to work on Tuesday. So grateful for the priesthood and the blessing that my brother and brother in law gave him to give him his health back!!

Of course we didn't skip Christmas activities because at my Dad's request, he didn't want the little ones to be disappointed. We did have an awesome sacrament meeting that morning that was filled with beautiful Christmas music and messages from our Bishopric. It makes me wish we could have Christmas on a Sunday always!!
This was the aftermath of the Christmas morning massacre. It took the kids approximately 20 minutes to open it all up.
Barry performing surgery on some poor impossible to open box.
Brooklyn opening up her Rapunzel doll which she loves. She opened every present one small piece of paper at a time. She also had to put each piece of paper in the trash before going onto the next.
Andrew and his haul. Poor kid was sick all day Christmas eve and day with a fever and achy bones. But he managed to open up all his presents in record time.

Me and my awesome hat. We went to Zoo lights and I wore Andrews hat half way through the zoo so Barry got me my own.

We ended up having a great morning opening up our Santa presents the kids got just enough and not too much. Santa was a smart man at the Squires household ;) We also had a great time at dinner with all of our cousins and family members at our gift exchange party. My awesome niece Sierra got me a beautiful scarf and a Bella Swan replica engagement ring. I'll be honest I am not a die hard Twilight fan but man did I love her ring. And now, I have one to call my own. Thanks Sierra!
Barry got a gift card to Best Buy from Michelle. Andrew received some fun super hero cars that he absolutely loves. And lastly Brooklyn got a Cinderella barbie and a play tent. They have spent hours in that thing!

After celebrating Christmas, some of us headed up to the hospital to visit my dad and put an end to the evening.

Lastly we also got the opportunity to visit Barry's Mom and sister in Idaho. We took them out for a yummy dinner in Idaho Falls at the best Steak House ever, The Outback. We had a great visit with them and the puppy's and had a little vacation away from home :)

The End!!

Happy New Year!