Thursday, December 23, 2010

Build A Bear

Years ago I took my first ever trip to Build A Bear in Texas with my dear friends Kasie and Marie. It was long before they had put them here in Utah. Since then I love going there and have been there with Barry a few times. Last year we took Andrew there and today I took, Andrew, Brooklyn, Tayler, Bailee, and my Mom there. It was every ones first time except for Andrew and myself. We had a great time. Andrew picked out a handsome bear and dressed him like Buzz Light Year. Brooklyn got a kitty cat I named Priscilla. Tayler and Bailee picked out twin bears, one a girl and the other a boy. And my Mom picked out a dog that now is equipped with a set of rubber boots, skates and a leash so the grand kids can pull him around the house. It was a great time and lots of fun!!!