Friday, January 28, 2011

All About Drill

Picture by DC Snaps Photography

For those that know me well, you know that I LOVE the sport of Drill Team!! It's a crazy sport full of high emotions, drama, it can be time consuming, and very difficult. Yet I still love it. It's a sport that is completely dependant on someones opinion. Some like you others don't. Some days you win and others, you lose. That's exactly what happened this past Tuesday at our Region competition. We lost. I still really don't know why. My girls were on FIRE!! They performed their absolute best. Yet we were still defeated. Saddest day ever. Lots of shock and tears came from all. I honestly can say and truly do feel that my team deserves to be going to state. However that wasn't the out come and I wasn't there judge. If I had been for sure a 1st place in kick :)

Pictures by Brad Nicholes

Here are some highlights from our season:

Jordan Invitational- 2nd hip hop, 5th in dance, 3rd in kick
Utah Valley Classic- 4th in kick (on a side note this was the competition where we scored above Lone peak in both kick and military)
Murray Classic- 4th in military & 3rd in kick
Region- 4th in kick

I tried to attach a video of the performances but, it wasn't up loading. Been trying for the past 4 hours. Oh well.

Trust me they were good!