Monday, April 16, 2012

My Spring Break Adventure, or Lack therof!

Monday Day 1- This was the beginning of the Potty Training. I'll spare you the info on the accidents and details on the business.
Tuesday Day 2- Again, more potty training! This girl was getting it good! She has been sooo much easier than Andrew ever was!!! I had heard that girls were easier than boys but, you never know until you try.
Wednesday Day 3- More potty training!
Thursday Day 4- More Potty training!!! But, I did get to sneak out and head out to the mall to buy some dance company costumes.  Retail therapy whether its  for me or someone else is always a nice break.
Friday Day 5- More Potty training and Brooklyn made it through her sticker chart and got her fun new Rapunzel toys!! (Just a side note, it took Andrew weeks to get through his sticker chart and he was older.)
Saturday Day 6- For me this was my most adventurous and fun day.  It started out by a short trip to the Temple to do some Inititory work for some of my ancestors.  My sister Wendy has been fabulous and doing the research and hard work to find out who our relatives are on the Wachter side of the family.  Her hard work paid off and made it possible for 9 of us to do approximately 40 names!!! Afterwards, we had a little lunch at the great Mi Ranchito! YUMMY!  For the record, my wonderful Niece Sierra watched the kids and no potty accidents!!  Later that evening, Barry and I headed out on a date with my bro and sis in law, Craig and Brittney and some friends Ben and Andria.  We went to dinner and then to the Crandall Printing Museum in Provo. We learned about the way printing started and how the Book of Mormon came to be put into to publication. It was actually very interesting. And, just to repeat, baby sitter number two Bailee another of my wonderful nieces, had no potty accidents with my Brooky!!

That is basically spring break in a nutshell. Not to exciting but, I think as a mom I learned a lot more about Brooklyn and Andrew as my children and the different ways they work and click when together and apart.  It was a great spring break and I wouldn't trade it for anything!