Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Summer Time!!

It's been FOREVER since I wrote anything down. I apologize for my slacking. But looking through most of your blogs out there, you aren't doing much better.

Anyhow school has now been out for exactly one week. How have I spent my time, cleaning my bathrooms, doing laundry, and being sick. Oh well there had to be something happen to slow my cleaning processes down. But seriously, with a baby on the way, the goals are to de-clutter the house and trash as much as possible. I will be able to get rid of my stuff fairly easily. It's Barry who I can't get to give stuff away. Although, this weekend he did a fantastic job at cleaning out his closet and got about 2 1/2 bags of clothes out of there. Anyway back to the goals, after the de-clutter, I am planning on putting Brooklyn in our current office and moving our office to the dark and dreary confines of the basement. Lucky for us we are having a girl so all I have to do with Brooks current room is move it.

Last, a few weeks ago at day care the kids did some pictures. Here is a look at my darling babies who aren't such babies anymore.