Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play Time in July!!!

July started of with our celebration of the 4th which was a bit crazy this year because I was operating 2 fireworks stands for a fundraiser for drill and dance company. None the less we made sure Andrew and Brooklyn got to be a part of the fireworks.

Then we have spent a better part of our days going to the park, swinging, and feeding the ducks at the pond across the street.

We have also spent many nights at the ball park t watch Barry play softball.

Brooklyn is becoming a "big" girl and thinks she can climb the stairs. I am just waiting for her to crack her head open in all of her bravery.
Finally, for the kids birthdays, we bought a swing set for the back yard!! It's great because in the afternoon it's in the shade which makes it enjoyable for me to be out there pushing them. Thanks to daddy and cousin Padan they can finally play on it!!

Brave little sucker isn't she???

That's it for now!! Peace out and Happy Pioneer Days to all you Utahns!!!