Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Summer Really Over?

I can't believe school starts on Wednesday!! What happened to June and July??
Oh well. We had a great summer playing, swimming, and just having fun. We've decided our favorite place to swim is the Lindon City Pool. Definitely the best place to go if you have little kids.

We celebrated my Dad's 70th birthday this past month!! Is he really getting up there in age? To me, he'll always be 50 and I'll always be 25. HaHa!!! I'll just keep telling myself that.

Which leads me to my next point. Am I getting old? And, do I look as old as some of the people I occasionally run into that I went to high school with? hmm Just asking.

And finally, we found a great little Day Care Center for Brooks and Andrew about a mile from our house. This cute lady named Mable runs it and so far after 2 days they have survived. We just have to get back into day care mode and well be fine. Just fine. But the kids sure do miss their Sierra.

And really the end is that sorry I have no pictures. Honestly, I'm too lazy to get out the camera and load them on. I'll try harder next time.

Peace out to all!!!