Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Extreme Couponing

This past summer, I decided I wanted to try and save a little money, but who doesn't right?? Well I was so intrigued with people who were able to save by using coupons I went to the Savvy Shopper classes taught by Amy from the Daily Herald. Everything she said totally made sense and sounded simple for the most part. So I increased my number of Sunday papers from 1 to 5. Bought me a cute Mickey Mouse binder, the baseball card holder pages and I was set.

At first I was pretty good. Usually saved about 50-60% in savings with each purchase. Not too bad for my first shot at it. Well then as I continued, I kept finding that many of the items on sale were ALWAYS gone! Shelves empty, nothing in site. It was discouraging but I pushed through it and kept trying. Mind you this was also in the summer when I had a lot more free time then I did once school started.

I kept trying and shelves were continually empty. I don't have the luxury to shop anytime I feel like it I go when I can find the time between being a mom, a teacher, a dance company director, and a coach. You know how it goes right??

Now this crazy show on TLC "Extreme Couponing" comes on. Although very intriguing, mostly annoying. I cannot believe the number of items these people buy! It's insane and completely ridiculous! Do you really need 50 bottle of Maalox?? Maybe it's time to adjust your diet instead. Just saying. At least now I know why all the shelves are always empty with all those great deals.

Needless to say I now only get one Sunday newspaper and have given up for a time. Until I can find a better way to do it. I retire from the coupon cutting business. If anyone has any great tips, please fill me in!!

Thanks for letting me rant! whew I feel better...