Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Past Month

I don't know what has happened to me this month but my blog has gone by the way side. I was doing such a great job updating and happened. After Halloween, I got busy preparing for my dance company concert which was a great concert. The dances looked amazing and we had great audiences both nights.

I took Brooklyn to get her first hair cut! We had to ditch the mullet. Mullets are a little old fashioned so I thought I'd up date her look.

As you can tell, she wasn't very happy about this.

Brooklyn also finally reached the 20lb milestone so she could face the front in her car seat. No worries it only took her 17 months to get there and lots of whole milk!

For Thanksgiving, we went to my mom and dad's and I volunteered to make the pumpkin pie. Never done it before so I was a little worried I screw it up. But, they turned out great and everyone is still alive.
Then we spent the day after Thanksgiving seeing our traditional movie. This years movie was "Tangled." Loved it!! Super cute. After, we went to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes at the Maverick Center. It was a blast.

Saturday was spent putting up the Christmas Tree.
We spent that day cheering for BYU in hopes that they'd pull off the win. It's still a sore subject so we'll just leave it at that.

Finally, Barry did his annual hanging of the the lights. He's spent 2 or 3 different Saturdays setting up the grand event. He rents a lift every year from Diamond rental to reach the top of the roof. Our house is very tall and the roof is very steep. And for some reason, every year I seem to miss this blessed event. Fortunately my wonderful niece Tayler took pictures for me this year.

December is a busy month so if I fail at giving any updates for the next two weeks please forgive me. Drill Team competitions have started and between judging and competing, each weekend is full of dancing. I hope you all have a great holiday season!!!