Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Fun!!

Yet again, I have failed at updating my blog. I was doing so good. Oh well. Anyhow here's a run down of what's happened since Christmas.

A few days before New Years we went up to Idaho to visit Barry's mom and sister. We had a great visit and Andrew loved grandma's doggies. The only down side to the trip was our little Brooky got sick that night we were up ALL NIGHT in a hotel room with a crabby baby with a fever. Ended up she had an ear infection and croup. No way to ring in the new year.

January 3rd started the beginning of school again. What do you know, first day 7:30 in the morning and I injure myself demonstrating a dance move. First dance injury EVER! Then the next day, I slipped on ice and used my bad leg to stop the fall from occurring. AND, then, the following Monday, I slipped on the ice AGAIN and landed flat on my back. 2011 is just not my year. However, things have gotten better since then and I am just waiting to go to the ortho to see exactly what the deal is. The trainer at school seems to think its a torn meniscus but who knows.

Drill has been amazing! We have Region on Tuesday and should do really well!! My team has been on FIRE this year. The girls are super talented and the parents are super supportive. Its been fantastic to have so much support. I can hardly wait for Tuesday to see how it all ends up. If you need something to do that evening, come on by Lone Peak High School at 5pm. Our Region is definitely the most talented in the state!

Stay tuned for an update to see how it all ends up!!

Here are some fun random pics of the kids from this past winter.