Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Begins!!!

So most people would kick off there summer by going to the pool, a water park, or a vacation. Nope, not me. I started my first day of summer at the high school for drill team practice. Afterwards, I decided to start the Insanity work out. Insane huh? Today it was only the fit test. Let's just say I didn't feel very fit once I was done. It was kind of a slap in the face to how I viewed my fitness level. However I have never done exercises like this. I'll keep you posted. Here's hoping to making it to day 2.

Today has also been kind of nice. In order to hold our spot at our day care that we LOVE!! We decided to keep the kids in part time so we can have our place when school starts again. This lovely free kid time allowed me to get insane, fold laundry, and shower. I do have to admit, it feels really weird not having the kids running around. It's a little to quiet without their giggles, little voices, and constant toy fighting. But at the same time, every Monday and Friday will be my little stay at home vacation. Or cleaning time which ever what ever.

Well that's all for now! Peace out and enjoy your first week of SUMMER!!