Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Too Busy to Blog

Since Christmas, life has been very busy. Between family, school, and drill team wow, crazy!! We started going to a new day care at the beginning of the year due to some unforeseen circumstances and are now back where Andrew was when he was a baby. The kids seem to like it a lot and have adjusted well to the new place. They love going outside everyday and playing with all of the toys. We love the new day care and the kids learn so much everyday!

Drill finished all of their invitationals and our region competition. I am happy to report we finally, after two years of disappointment, qualified for the state tournament. In the pictures below you will see the excitement from the team, coaches, parents and fans. Thanks to the Howe's for tagging me in the pictures!! We finished 3rd overall. 4th in Military, 2nd in dance, and 3rd in character. We are sooooo excited to compete this Friday at State and finally get the recognition we have deserved. Best of luck to my girls!

Lastly, I have a student teacher this semester at school. It's been interesting to say the least. It's a guy student teacher in dance. Which there is nothing wrong with, it's just different. And, our personalities are so very different. We are both about the same age but at very different places in our lives. It's weird to think of someone my age just starting there career. I am sure he will be fine but hard for me to wrap my head around. I was just the type that wanted to get school done and over with so I could make my millions. Finished school, and am still waiting for the millions. I guess I better start entering the lottery! HAHA! Now hopefully my classes can survive. You know students teachers are doomed before they start. I know I was, I just had to find a way to make a connection with the kids. But, again I was 22 when I started so it was easy for me to build the connection.

Random Thoughts I have been having. I have been thinking about age a lot lately. I am getting up there ya know. It's weird because lately I forget that I didn't just graduate college, that happened 13 years ago. I didn't just get married. That was 9 years ago. Time keeps going we all keep getting older but sometimes, I still think I am 25. Here is to wishful thinking and always thinking your young even though your body feels a bit older!