Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Week of Summer!!!

What an exciting first week this has been!! I didn't accomplish anything on my todo list but that's ok. Andrew and I went to the zoo with my sister and her girls Emi and Ali. We had a great time.
We watched the black bears play with each other which was the best part of the day. The cheetah was going crazy running all over the place and playing with his ball. We rode the train and were the only ones on board. Got to ride the carousel (I have no idea how to spell this) which was Andrew's first time. I hated it only because I hate anything that goes round and round.

Friday my oldest nephew Padan graduated with the first ever graduating class of Syracuse High School!!! We are all so proud of him. He looked dashing in his cap and gown. However, I didn't get any good pictures on my camera because Barry took off with my bag which had the camera in it. Also, I was not feeling too hot. Earlier (about two hours prior too) I ate two of Andrews pop corn chickens from his Arby's kids meal. Let's just say I ended up in the hospital at 5am the next morning to get two IV's due to dehydration. We had to call my sister Cathy to come and sit with Andrew while we ventured off. I am so thankful she lives close by and was home. My mom and dad were in Costa Rica so they were a little out of the way to be bothered. The hospital wasn't all that great. The next time I am at the hospital, it better be to have a baby!!!!

Which brings me to my next point. Today I am exactly 37 weeks!!! Only three more to go unless I get to have her early like I did Andrew. In that case I am expecting her this weekend but I won't hold my breath. Here is why she won't be coming early: 1- Because Andrew did. 2- Because I want her to. 3- Because my bags are packed and I am actually prepared for it.