Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

This was a super fun Easter for us and our family. Andrew knows what Easter is and is all about when it comes to the commercial end of things. We are still working on the spiritual side and will get there eventually.

We kicked off the weekend with the first of 3, yes 3 hunts. One of Barry's stations (FM100) was sponsoring a hunt at "This Is The Place" state park. It was shear madness!!!!! Parents are CRAZY and way out of control. They had the place divided up into age groups. His of course was the largest. He was lucky enough to find two eggs. Don't worry there were several other children who came back with none or 20 if their parents did the hunting. We had a good time anyway and got to visit the Easter Bunny and I know he was just happy finding the two that he had.

The next egg hunt was of course on Easter Morning when Andrew found a trail of eggs to his Easter Basket! The Easter Bunny made it nice and easy on him. He was so excited each time he found an egg.

The Final Hunt was at Grandma Wachter's house. The Easter Bunny was a smart one there. He labeled 27 eggs for each grandchild that was visiting for Easter Sunday. It was fun to watch the older kids search for their eggs in some not so easy to find places. For those of you who might or might not recognize the crazy bunch below, it's Bailee, Tyler, Kayleigh, Jake, Tayler, Andrew, and Tiffany.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have Officially Gone CRAZY

So last Friday, the vice principal at my school approached me about coaching drill team here at PG. I was completely shocked that the current coach was quitting. She is amazing and does a fantastic job with the girls. They have been a fantastic drill team during the past 3 years that I have been at PG. It was quite possibly one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. After four days of deep discussion with Barry and a much needed blessing, I accepted the job. I really have lost my mind. Here I am about to have a second child and I am jumping into this very demanding role as a coach while maintaining my teaching responsibilities and continuing with dance company too.
All I can say is Barry has to be the most supportive person in the entire world. He is now going to be taking on the responsibility of taking the kids to day care in the mornings. Check back with me in 365 days to see if I am still alive. I am way nervous but am up to the challenge.
Here goes nothing!!!!