Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Me

I don't have any entertaining pictures of the kids to show off or any great stories to tell. I just wanted a place to vent the business and excitement of the week to come.

As many of you know I coach drill team and am the dance company advisor for Pleasant Grove High School. Life is busy being a mom, having a full time job, and directing all of these great dancers. Thank goodness our dance company concert has been completed and now we are in drill mode. The drill season has been in full swing for about two weeks and FINALLY, we are hitting our first competition this Saturday!!! I am super excited and can't believe what a talented group of young ladies I am surrounded with on a daily basis. The best part about it is, I don't have to convince them that they are good at what they do!! They believe in themselves and each other!! What a difference attitude can make in how a team leads, dances, and behaves. I love all the positive attitudes I am blessed to be surrounded by everyday. I full heartedly believe we could be at the top of our region this year. They have the stuff that makes a team achieve greatness!!

On a second note, lately I have felt like a single mom. It pretty much sucks. Barry has been working extra hard to earn some extra Christmas money by working the radio gear for the opposing teams stations. I know he enjoys it and well he's got to stick a microphone in some amazing players faces (LaBron James ring a bell.) I am thankful that I have a hubby that's such a hard worker. It's truly a blessing for as hard as it can get at times.

With that being said, Christmas shopping has been nearly impossible. I have the kids mostly done but that's about it. So much to do and so little time to do it. I also started to coupon this past summer and did great when nothing was going on. But, due to my crazy life, couponing doesn't fit into the schedule and now I am out of my supply of cereal that I had done such a great job at loading up on.

One day I hope I can actually slow down take a breath and have a little me time. In the mean time I am going to spend as many minutes with my adorable children and enjoy them while I can still hug and kiss them and am no longer the coolest person ever in their eyes. I LOVE being a Mom, best gift ever!!!!!


Dave and Natalie said...

life does get WAY too busy!!! but you're doing great!!! oh...and there is a super good deal on Chex at Maceys right now :) (I am almost out of cereal too...doesn't help that thats all my kids ever eat for breakfast!!!)

Lindsey said...

Stacey! I'm a single mom 10 months out of the year, so I know all about it. It is so hard to keep kids entertained while doing our own daily chores. Ugh. I sympathize... As far as christmas shopping I have had to do all mine online because there is no way in hell I am loading kids up to shop.

Congratulations on having such an awesome dance team. I am so proud of you, I know that sounds lame, but you work hard and I'm glad that your girls are doing so well.

Darrell and Karen Jack said...

I remember drill! You are a talented adviser and I am sure your current team is loving you as your Tooele teams did. I was remembering the 12 days of Christmas we did one year and how much fun that was. I think I had more fun than the team. You have been a positive influence on many gals and will continue to be. Your blog is great. Your family is darling. Someday I hope to meet your children.