Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Moment to Vent... I don't care if anyone reads this. It's more just for me so I feel better.

This pregnancy has definitely taken a toll on me! Not only physically but mentally.  I think that I am really glad I was still teaching school during both of my first two pregnancies.  It not only kept me going but kept me moving as well.  Now every time I stand up I have to pee or feel someone poking or prodding at my innards. It's been quite a challenge and a helpful reminder to not become morbidly obese. I can handle a little over weight but this not bending over stuff really stinks. Not to mention I am out of breath due to lack of lung space.  Only 6-8 more weeks to go. The reason I say 6-8 weeks, is because Andrew was two weeks early. And, Brooklyn was 10 days early. I really hope this trend continues. It would really make me feel a lot better. The person I feel the worst for is Barry,  He sure does take a lot of crap from me. Did I mention I have been really ornery during this whole process? I didn't think so.  Everything aches and hurts and it's Barry who becomes the punching bag. Hopefully one day he will forgive me and see past this horrible moment in my life.

Next area I need to vent on is the lack of time I have to get everything ready.  My plan was to keep my kids in daycare part time so that I could use those few precious hours to organzie clean and prepare. Instead  I am spending all of my free time working on choreography for this musical I am working on.  I really enjoy the musical and am having a lot of fun. But, it sure has taken up tons of my free time.  I only have three more songs to go. Then, we move onto drill team choreography... It never ends :)

Speaking of drill team, I have really enjoyed our three week break. It's been a good and a disappointing year.  The only thing that's really been disappointing has been the lack of money we didn't make on our firework stand.  It's been a bad year for fires so I totally understand. But going from making $4,000 to $1,600 makes for a sad season. This too shall pass right? It's only money.  
The good does come in on the wonderful dancers I get to surround myself with and the amazing assistant coaches I have that help make my job easier.  We are a very young and talented team who has all the potential in the world right now!  I have an amazing idea for next year that will hopefully make my life easier. Just in case I forget what it is, I will write it down here...
Each officer and her parent will be in charge of running a fundrasier.  It's brilliant right? I can't take credit for the idea though. That came from the Copper Hills Coaches who themselves are brilliant!  It will give the girls and their parents more ownership in the team and how the finances are handled. If we don't make the money, then we can't buy the new costumes and more out of pocket expense are put upon them. Love it!! Besides, if this is something they don't want to do, then I'll just quite coaching. My family is too important to me to have my valuable time taken up by something I only get paid $1300 a year for.  (That's right $1300 a YEAR.  I'm pretty sure the equals out to be less than a penny an hour.) And now that I will have three kids, it will make things that much more challenging and difficult.  Family First...

The last thing I really need to do is fix up Brooklyn's room before the baby comes.  I want her to get used to having her own room. Sadly, she still sleeps in the crib right now. We are just starting on cleaning out our office to make it Brooklyn's room.  I am excited to get going on it.  When it's done I will post pictures.  I hope it turns out cute.

Now something positive to end on...
I am looking so forward to taking maternity leave. I am excited to walk Andrew to the bus stop in the afternoons for kindergarten. My baby is getting so big!! I'm excited to see what it feels like to be a stay at home mom and actually be home for my kids.  One day, I hope that this will happen for me.  Right now it's looking like Barry will get to be the lucky one to be a stay at home Dad. Curse me for making the bigger of our two incomes for now :(  One day right?...

The End

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Barry Squires said...

You baby,
I love you so much you are truely the light of my life.
Thank you for being so good to Brooklyn, Andrew & me & hey I'll be you're punching bag for the rest of our lives because everyone needs a Sholder to cry on.
Thanks for being you.
We love you so much words don't even describe.
Keep on keeping on you're right this too shal pass.