Monday, August 25, 2008

5 days down 175 to go!!!

I have officially survived the first week of school!!!! We should all get together and celebrate!!! This past week was a drainer. It really kicked me in the pants. To top it all off, I finished the week up with an awesome cold. Who in the heck gets a cold in the middle of summer. Just me.

Andrew is adapting to daycare better. He still cries every time I leave but what are you gonna do. He is such a momma's boy it's really sad. Not even Barry can help save him. Today Andrew also survived his first biting incident at Day care some kid bit his arm and then his finger. What a great kid. No worries he'll live through that too.

Off to another fantastic week!!!!!!


AJ said...

My first week of school was forever long and I'm hoping the semester picks up and gets going! What a tough kid you have!

Lixi said...

Hey Stacey! It was fun to read your blog. I am glad you made it through the first week of school. I dont really know how that is since I missed it last year :) By the way, Andrew is so cute!