Monday, August 18, 2008

The First Day of School!!!

First off, I want to apologize to my loyal friends who keep tabs on me. I have not been to great at updating my blog so I apologize. The past two weeks have been crazy with school getting underway.
Today was the first official day with students. It was crazy! They had us run all eight classes. This year I picked up an extra class so instead of having a prep a day I only have one prep every other day. A bit stressful. Because I am splitting my time between dance and health, I was all over the place today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better since we are on a regular schedule. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!!!!
As for Andrew and day care, he is fine after an hour or so. But, he's going through a bit of separation anxiety. Last year it was me who cried everyday. This year it's him. Oh when will all the craziness end????
By the way did I mention that all of this was crazy?


AJ said...

We started back to school yesterday. I'm teaching 8 classes this semester, but my days are pretty easy. Have fun and Andrew will adjust...babies are totally flexible. Have fun today!

Freds said...

Hey it will settle down for you and Andrew. It takes time at this age. Ry an is having a hard time as well. We get freshmen tomorrow and all the kids on Thursday. It will be just as crazy.
Good luck

Lindsey said...

I don't know about you Stace, but that sounds CRAZY!

It's so hard leaving your kids. Deacon is fine at pre-school (thus far) but he freaks out when I leave him at Nursery. He will adjust, kids are resilient.

Good luck this year!

Kamie said...

I can't believe how handsome Andrew is getting- he was so great at the wedding! Thanks for being a part of my special day! Hopefully you made is through your first week with ease!!!

Alisha said...

I hope everything is going better. GO VIKINGS!