Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Barry is Crazy!!!!!

For those of you who know Barry, you know he is pretty determined and rarely gives up on anything. Ever since we moved into our house, he's wanted to put Christmas light around it. I think that we have the highest house with the steepest ruf in the neighborhood. It was an impossible task. Not for Barry. This past weekend he traded third row Jazz tickets with the manager of diamond rental to get a cherry picker lift. He and my nephew spent all day Saturday up in this thing hanging lights on the house. It looks pretty great. I am only sorry I was at a drill competition all day on Saturday and never got the privelage to see this task mastered. Therefore I also have no pictures of the blessed Christmas tradition. If you will all picture in your minds you will be able to giggle along with me.


AJ said...

That's awesome! I'm sure that it looks fabulous!

Kasie said...

That's hilarious . . . and sooo Barry! Yay for holiday spirit!

Lindsey said...

Atta kid Barry!! Why does putting up lights have to be so dang hard!? I tried to do it while Brian was at the Florida State game and gave up....just lights around the front door this year!!

And let's see...the one nephew of yours I remember is Paden? And in my mind he should be about 3.

Jason and Candice said...

Hi Stacey! Long time no see! Your little boy is a doll!
-Candice (Rollie) Shepherd

Dave and Natalie said...

I found your blog through Alisha's (she posted on mine and I just followed links)

I laughed at the hanging lights story!! Men!!

Your little boy is adorable and you don't look like you've changed a bit!!

So good to see you again!!
-Natalie (Walker) Garritson